Department of Pathology

  1. Lecture Hall:- Lecture Halls are common for all departments.
  2. Laboratories: The floor spaces for the following laboratories are available. There are Ten modern marble stoned tables in the laboratory.

(i)    Morbid Anatomy & Histopathology: Sufficient space with modern equipments, situated in hospital building.

(ii)   Chemical pathology & Haematology: In addition to the service laboratory in the hospital building, one laboratory with 60 students accommodation equipped with required equipments is in the 3rd floor in College Building.

(iii)  Service laboratories: Service laboratories are already functioning in the laboratory with hospital complex.

  1. Demonstration & tutorial room: 4 rooms with 50 students accommodation & proper.
  2. Museum: Fitted with cupboard & racks having specimen collection jars, proper setting arrangement is there.
Small Group Teaching