Department of Anatomy

Department of Anatomy is in the ground & 1st Floor of Academic building with adequate accommodation:

  1. Lecture Hall:- Lecture Halls are common for all departments.

  2. Demonstration & Tutorial room:- Two rooms for demonstration & four Tutorial class room are there, Each of which accommodates 40 students.

  3. Dissection Hall:- Spacious enough to accommodate 50 students at a time. Floor is made of tiles room is well ventilated & lighted. There is two large dissection hall with dead body preparation & preservation. Fiberglass tanks are there to preserve the dead bodies & dissected parts of the body. Hand wash basins are there. White boards with stands are there for conduction of tutorial class.

  4. Histology Lab:- Furniture’s and other facilities is available for 50 students in the histology laboratory. Histology lab is provided with (sufficient) compound microscopes, one microtome & one Hot Air Oven. There are two histology lab in the department.

  5. Radiology:- View boxes fitted in the wall and on top of the table in dissection hall.

  6. Museum:- Museum is provided with racks & selves for proper display of sufficient specimens. Adequate sitting arrangements for the students.

  7. Furniture & Fixtures:- Office & Laboratories are furnished with office chairs and tables, almirahs, study tables, racks, computer, laboratory cupboards, dissection tables & tools.

Small Group Teaching

Small Group Teaching in dissection hall

Anatomy museum

Histology lab.

Practical Class

Small Group Teaching