The outdoor is located on the 2nd floor and indoor is on the 9th floor.

Out Patient Department :               

  1. Professors room- 02
  2. Reception, Registration, Examination room for Patient, Waiting room forPatient & Attendants.
  1. Dressing room-01
  2. OT : Equipment with operationc table, OT light, Sucker machine & modern surgical instrument.

Indoor Patient Department

  1. Professors room- 06
  2. Registrars room-03
  3. Assistant Registrar room- 03
  4. Medical officer room-02
  5. Duty nurse room-02
  6. Examination room for Patient-01
  7. Store room for Linen & other equipment available
  8. Bed for patient.
  9. Department library
  10. Teaching Room of 40 students accommodation with Audiovisual facilities.

Indoor: Patients bed -100 (One Hundred)

Operation theatre : Two most modern operation theatre (OT) well equipped with all essential & modern surgical instrument’s /equipments.

Preparation room : Instrument sterilization room is available by the side of OT.  Pre-operative room.

Anesthetist room

Surgeons room

Nurses room

Post operative recovery room – One with 20 beds.