Prof. Dr. Md. Shahjahan Ali SarkerI am delighted to welcome the students who are interested to pursue their MBBS course in TMSS Medical College. TMSS Medical College has well qualified faculty members having vast teaching experience and strong academic background. It has also created modern facilities for producing competent medical professionals needed to respond to the requirements of the society as well as the nation.

The college has a natural and beautiful campus having excellent academic atmosphere located at the out skirts of the Bogra town which is free from noise, pollution, politics and hazards those might hamper the desired devotion towards study. We have already 12th batch of students in MBBS course and 8th batch of students in BDS course. I would like to welcome the upcoming batch of MBBS students to TMSS Medical College and wish them success for their study leading to MBBS and BDS degree as well. I wish you all the best as you embark on your University degree and hope you enjoy your time in this institute.

It is quite justified to forecast a total commitment from the faculty and staff of this medical college in providing quality education and maintaining the highest professional standards in every discipline of medical education. Students have a huge scope here to exercise their extra curricular qualities. The students enjoy festivity and gain knowledge through regular observance of annual cultural competition, debate, sports, picnic, study tour, excursion, national days and some extempore events. We provide our students with the appropriate accommodation a medical student deserve to have for a smooth atmosphere of attentive studies. We have separate boys’ and girls’ hostels inside the campus for students. They who live outside the campus can avail college bus to and from TMC twice a day. TMC central library contains huge number of text and reference books, local and foreign medical journals, newspapers, rare periodicals, research works, etc. We have computer laboratory having internet connection open for teachers and students. The students may extract benefits from the taken initiatives if they devote themselves to their studies.

With this high level academic program being conducted by TMSS Medical College, TMC has started its journey as one of the leading private Medical Colleges of the country and hence, we hope students will choose TMSS Medical College as their best option for pursuing MBBS and BDS study and will make the best use of the facilities and opportunities being provided by the college. Before concluding my message I would like to assure the prospective students that they, in overall consideration, will find their studies in TMSS Medical College enormously pleasing, no doubt.

Prof. Dr. Md. Shahjahan Ali Sarker
TMSS Medical College, Bogura