Prof._Dr._Hosne_Ara_Begum_Ashoka_Fellow_&_PHFI do welcome to the website of THS, one of the specialized health service as well as medical education providing sector of TMSS located in the north Bengal of Bangladesh.TMSS is one of the largest developmental organizations in Bangladesh which has been working among the rural people for 30 years. From the practical knowledge, the organization has understood that only the micro-credit or other developmental activities are not sufficient for the rural people’s development. Moreover, without sound health, how it can be possible for a person to work attentively in various levels? Education is also considered as ‘must’ if we like to develop one as human resource. Therefore, only micro-credit is not sufficient to develop a poor without considering health and education issues. Through this Understanding, TMSS has developed an integrated developmental model named HEM (Health, Education and Microfinance) to address all the basic needs of the poor. It has been found that health is considered as a ‘developmental element’ with priority. To materialize this theme, TMSS has established its Health Sector and several educational institutions to provide health services to the rural poor people as well as to expand medical education.

TMSS aims at multi-dimensional socio-economic interventions under which it has been running and managing health sectoral institutions, programs and projects. With a view to provide health services to the poor community in general and to the beneficiaries of TMSS in particular, TMSS started its health services in 1990. Initially the health sector intervention was limited to provide primary health services and gradually it started extending to provide secondary health services, medical education and other health related services to the rural poor, especially the women and children. Attention to the concept of health services was first envisaged in the Micro-Credit package program consisting of HEALTH, EDUCATION AND MICRO-FINANCE (HEM). Although it is needless to say that HEM program constitutes the core program in TMSS, gradually the component of HEALTH services assumed the position of core program or activity in terms of its scope of services that includes the provision of primary and secondary healthcare services and health education. The enlarged scope of health services has ultimately led the realization and growth of HEALTH SECTOR.

It is also found that all of the Government Hospitals and the private clinics are in the southern part of Bogra town. Therefore, the distressed and poor villagers suffer from illness and they are deprived to take treatment from those health centers. From this feelings Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) has been established in the middle place of Mohasthan Gor and the Bogra town at Thengamara village in 1995 as a 10 bed hospital. Now RCH is 850 bedded specialized hospital. The 1000 bedded Hospital building is under construction.

I hope this website will be helpful for you to know about TMSS Health Sector (THS) in-depth. I welcome all of you who are interested in TMSS particularly TMSS Health Sector (THS).

Prof. Dr. Hosne-Ara Begum
(Ashoka Fellow & PHF)
Executive Director of TMSS
Rangpur Road, Thengamara
Bogra-5800, Bangladesh