TMSS Medical College and Rafatullah Community Hospital

TMSS is a non-profitable national development organization which has been working for the socio-economic development of the poor people; it has also been providing primary and tertiary healthcare services through Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH). To derive humanitarian activities especially health services to the people, TMSS started a community hospital in the name of Rafatullah Community Hospital (RCH) in the Northern part of the country. Objective of this hospital is to ensure health services with medicine at a minimal cost to the rural destitute and neglected female, male and children especially for the poor people who are living in rural areas.

RCH ensure male/female surgeon in case of delivery or any operation by the choice of the patient. The patients can get treatment of specialized doctors of any discipline from this hospital. However curative and preventive healthcare services are provided through RCH. Now, this is a teaching hospital in the name of TMSS Medical College & Rafatullah Community Hospital (TMC&RCH) and it is situated in a six – storied building on temporary basis with 750 beds and 1000 beds TMC&RCH building (16 storied) is under construction. After construction work of this project, the medical college hospital will be shifted into new building. In this hospital, there is outdoor, indoor, emergency unit, dental treatment facilities, physiotherapy and disability services, diagnostic unit, OT Unit, Isolation Unit, FP & EPI Unit, Diet Supply Unit, Pharmacy, modern and sophisticated Cabins with necessary facilities. Moreover, there are Full fledged facilities in Orthopedic, ENT, Ophthalmology, Pediatric, Obstetric & Gynecology, Urology, Skin & VD, Laboratory & Imaging, Pharmacy, Mortuary, cardiology & Cardio Vascular Surgery, Medicine, Radiology, Pathology, Diabetology Ward and Blood Bank service.

The Surgeons, Physicians and Nursing staff are caring to the patients, turning their profession into passion. The patients have to pay a token money for receiving health services from this hospital. Every year a good number of patients especially the poor and the ultra-poor receive care from outdoor, indoor and diagnostic department. However, several expert and specialized doctors are working here.

TMSS Medical College & Rafatullah Community Hospital has a well equipped Intensive Care Unit (ICU) with latest equipments, skilled and well-trained staff. 6 new Operation Theaters (OT) are now in running condition on the 2nd floor. The new OTs are equipped with latest equipments including a modern image intensifier with C Arm and an advanced operating microscope. The outdoor is equipped with necessary facilities for the comfort of the patients.

The Outpatient Department having facilities with consultancy service remains open in both morning and evening shifts. The charges are very competitive for the affluent people while the every poor have access to treatment free or at minimum cost. This hospital has a good system of fire evacuation and control, central announcement system and ensures full time electricity by its own generator system. For effective communication with the on call doctors’ sufficient mobile phones have been provided to the duty doctors. It has also a computerized central register for the patients to find them out quickly.  The hospital has low cost (30 taka) out patient services for the poor patients on every working day.

TMC&RCH is the focal point of TMSS Health Sector. Several medical educational institutes have been established based on TMC&RCH. The Sub-Clinics are situated at the Branch offices which are, in fact, controlled by RCH. Other health related programs, projects & activities are conducted based on RCH like, Smile Train RCH Cleft Project, TB Control Program, TARSAN-CSO Project, Acid survivors program (ASP), Child Sight Program (CSP) for blindness prevention, Ant tobacco activities, Campaign for preventing the HIV/AIDS, Emergency free health Camp, arranged and implement various types of rally, human chain, cultural activities on health related national day, etc.

Thus, there is also a good opportunity for providing health services covering whole Bangladesh through TMSS Medical College & Rafatullah Community Hospital as a national and international level. Considering this existing situation, TMSS Health Sector has been operating its activities including TMSS Medical College & Rafatullah Community Hospital according to the provision of its approved rules and regulations.