Fee structure for foreign student

Fee structure for foreign student
Total financial involvement for 5 years MBBS course is furnished below for information

Total Tuition fee for 5 years course is 37,000 USD including accommodation & Fooding as like 4 star hostel.

At the time of Admission                      :           15000 USD

2nd Year                                             :           5500 USD

3rd Year                                              :           5500 USD

4th Year                                              :           5500 USD

5th Year                                              :           5500 USD

Total financial involvement for 4 years BDS course is furnished below for your information:

Total Tuition fee for 4 years course is 15,000 USD including accommodation & Fooding as like 4 star hostel.

At the time of Admission                      :           3750 USD

2nd Year                                             :           3750 USD

3rd Year                                              :           3750 USD

4th Year                                              :           3750 USD

Students will have to pay USD 2000 to college account as advance tuition fee for booking foreign student seat in ‘TMSS Medical College’. This amount will be adjusted from first installment of admission fee.

There is absolutely no additional or hidden cost and foreign student will be asked to pay for the four university exam fees only which are nominal (Approx. 100 USD) and paid to the Rajshahi University and not TMSS Medical College. For personal expenses foreign student may need USD 35 per month approximately.


General Information for Payment of installment fees

  • Foreign student should pay their tuition fee in USD as swift transfer in above mentioned account. Also he/she can pay in local currency; in that case the conversion rate of USD to local currency will be fixed up by the college authority on the basis of bank selling rate during the time of payment.
  • Student will have to pay yearly installment fees from January to 31st March without fine. Foreign student if failed to pay their tuition fees within the stipulated time a fine of USD 1.00 per day along with arrears tuition fee is payable.  If he/she fails to pay within one month after scheduled time, his/her name will be stuck from attendance register.
  • Student who fails to come out successful during a regular period of 5 years will become irregular. In such case, the yearly session charges, tuition fees, hostel charges & other charges (if any) shall be borne by the student.
  • If a student wants to discontinue his/her study within one year after getting admitted into the college, he/she will have to pay 60% of agreed total cost of education before getting clearance certificate from the college.