Department of Microbiology

Course Offered

Department of Microbiology offers 227 hours course in 2 years (1½ yrs to 3½ yrs of 5 yrs MBBS course) following the First Professional MBBS Examination. This includes lecture, tutorial/practical and evaluation in the form of 20 item examinations, 3 mid term and 3 end term examinations.

Course Description
The subject deals with microbial agents that cause disease in man. In fact all microbial agents do not cause disease. Only a small fraction of huge microbial world is involved in human pathology. Here, we will know the name and character of various pathogenic bacteria (Bacteriology), virus (Virology), parasite ( Parasitology ) and fungus (Mycology). We will also learn:

  •  How an infectious agent enters into our body and how they affect our normal functions and ultimately cause the disease.
  •  To diagnose the disease and identify the organism responsible for the disease.
  • Microbiology also deals with elimination (by antimicrobial agent) and prevention (by vaccination) of pathogenic microbes.
  • Special emphasis is also given on the mechanism by which our body protects itself from various foreign agents. This mechanism of self defense is discussed under Immunology.

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the students will be able to:

  • Describe the microbial agents such as bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi that are responsible for disease in human. They will also learn the basics of human response (Immunology) against these foreign agents.
  • Explain the host parasite relationship, normal flora of the body, opportunists and pathogens.
  • Understand the principle and applications of immunology involved in the pathogenesis, diagnosis and prevention of microbial and immunological diseases.
  • Plan necessary laboratory investigations, select appropriate clinical samples and interpret the result of the laboratory investigations for diagnosis of the disease.
  • Carry out the techniques of asepsis, antisepsis and sterilization in day to day procedures.
  • Choose appropriate antimicrobial agent to treat infectious diseases.
  • Work in a team for the effective prevention and control of communicable disease in the hospitals and community.
  • Develop right kind of attitude for further learning and continuing improvement of knowledge and skill.

Faculty Members
Dr. Nahida Akther Zahan
MBBS, M.Phil (Microbiology)
Associate Professor of Microbiology
& Head of the Depart of Microbiology

Dr. Thomina Akter
Lecturer of Microbiology
TMSS Medical College 

Dr. Habiba-Tun-Nesa
Lecturer of Microbiology
TMSS Medical College 

Dr. Thiti Saha
Lecturer of Microbiology
TMSS Medical College 

Dr. Rukshana Akter
Lecturer of Microbiology

Part Time Faculty Member
Dr. Mohsina Alam Shahid
Assistant Professor
Shaheed Ziaur Rahman Medical College (SZMC)